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Addition: Picture Books for Math

Animals on Board
by Stuart J. Murphy

Ride along with trucker Jill and her dog as they add up the animals passing by on other trucks. But these are no ordinary animals, and theyre bound for a surprise destination! Lively illustrations by R.W. Alley make adding truckloads of fun.

Candy Counting
by Lisa McCourt

Budding mathematicians are invited to take a bite out of some counting fun in this yummy book. Kids learn to add and subtract using delicious story problems and classic candies.

Domino Addition
by Lynette Long, Ph.D.

Did you know learning to add is fun? It is when you use dominoes. This bold, colorful counting book shows you how!

First, learn to use simple addition to find the total number of dots, from zero to twelve, on each domino. Then, see if you can find the dominoes with each total hidden in the pictures. With a simple but imaginative approach, Lynette Long has created a un-filled counting book sure to appeal to even the most reluctant math students.

Hershey's Kisses Addition Book
by Jerry Pallotta

What better way to introduce simple addition concepts than with delicious Hersheyıs Kisses? To illustrate math concepts, this book features a cast of miniature clowns struggling under the weight of life-sized Hersheyıs Kisses.

One More Bunny : Adding from One to Ten
by Rick Walton

In this first book of addition, the creators of So Many Bunnies introduce a whole new batch of playful, countable, addable bunnies to brighten story time, bedtime--any time. There are things galore to count here, from bunnies to bumblebees. The more readers look, the more they will find. And when they are ready, there are sets of objects and numbers to add. Learning math has never been such fun!

Ready, Set, Hop!
by Stuart J. Murphy

Explains equation building as two frogs count their hops to a rock, a log, and a pond.

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