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Charts and graphs allow children to work with and interpret data.

The Best Vacation Ever
by Stuart J. Murphy

This busy family needs a vacation, but they don’t know where to go. Mom and Dad want peace and quiet. Grandma wants to go somewhere hot. Fluffer wants to go somewhere that pets can go, too! The pig-tailed narrator gathers all this data and makes a chart to help determine the perfect vacation destination. Learning math is fun when a vacation is the answer!

Charts and Graphs
by Karen Bryant-Mole

(Usborne Math Skills Series)

Lemonade for Sale
by Stuart J. Murphy

The Elm Street Kids Club decides to sell lemonade to earn money to fix up their clubhouse and they use a graph to keep track of their sales.

Tiger Math : Learning to Graph from a Baby Tiger
by Ann Whitehead Nagda, Cindy Bickel

This innovative book uses graphs to tell the story of T.J., a Siberian tiger cub born at the Denver Zoo. T.J. is orphaned when he is just a few weeks old. At first he refuses to eat his new food, and the zoo staff worries. If the baby tiger doesn't start to eat soon, he will starve. But the staff refuses to give up, and finally their love and persistence pay off: T.J. grows into a huge, beautiful, and very healthy tiger.

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