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Multiplication: Picture Books for Math

Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream : A Mathematical Story
by Cindy Neuschwander

Amanda loves to count everything, but not until she has an amazing dream does she finally realize that being able to multiply will help her count things faster.

Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar
by Mitsumasa Anno.

Simple text and pictures introduce the mathematical concept of factorials.

Bats on Parade
by Kathi Appelt

On a midsummer's night the Marching Bat Band makes a rare appearance, its members grouped in formations that demonstrate multiplication from two times two up to ten times ten.

The Best Of Times
by Greg Tang (Author), Harry Briggs (Illustrator)

Four is very fast to do when you multiply by 2.Here's a little good advice --please just always double twice! BEST OF TIMES gives kids an intuitive understanding of multiplication, encouraging them to arrive at answers on their own rather than memorizing the times tables. A child who can multiply by two, for instance, can multiply by four and even eight! Likewise, times six builds on times two and times three.With his common-sense approach, Greg Tang encourages kids to solve problems creatively, building both their skills and their confidence.

Grain of Rice, A
by Helena Clare Pittman

A clever, cheerful, hard-working farmer's son wins the hand of a Chinese princess by outwitting her father the Emperor, who treasures his daughter more than all the rice in China.

Stacks of Trouble
by Martha F. Brenner

Mike learns how dirty dishes can multiply when he tries to avoid washing them. Math concept: multiplication.

Too Many Kangaroo Things to Do! : Multiplying
by Stuart J. Murphy

A surprise birthday party planned for a kangaroo by his friends provides many opportunities for the reader to add and multiply various things.

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