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Math Picture Books

Learning math concepts is so much easier and loads more fun when presented in picture book format. Your child's comprehension of mathematical concepts can speed on despite the slower pace needed to acquire computational skills (like memorizing their math facts).

Picture Books for Math
Good books are an excellent way to open mathematical discussions with children. There are quite a number of good picture books that correlate with mathematical topics. Read more...

The Power of Picture Books in Teaching Math, Science, and Social Studies: Grades PreK-8 The Power of Picture Books in Teaching Math, Science, and Social Studies: Grades PreK-8
This book's 50-plus lessons--each based on a different picture book or story--will help classroom teachers build a foundation for teaching math, science, and social studies concepts to students. Each lesson uses children's literature to make challenging, abstract concepts relevant to children's lives, inviting them to learn these concepts while responding to a story's illustrations, theme, characters, and plot. The lessons also demonstrate how teachers can use children's literature to meet national standards in math, science, and social studies.

Teaching Early Math Skills With Favorite Picture BooksTeaching Early Math Skills With Favorite Picture Books: Math Lessons Based on Popular Books That Connect to the Standards and Build Skills in Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
A master kindergarten teacher shares her classroom-tested, inquiry-based lessons for using picture book and concept book favorites to help young learners build skills in number sense, basic operations, patterns and algebra, geometry and spatial sense, time, money, and measurement, and more. Lessons challenge students to problem solve and use critical thinking skills. Includes interactive reproducible activities and manipulatives. For use with Grades K–1.

Picturing Math: Hands-On Activities to Connect Math With Picture BooksPicturing Math: Hands-On Activities to Connect Math With Picture Books
Do your students dread math lessons? Engage and excite them with the activities in "Picturing Math," a unique book that uses picture books to teach elementary students math concepts. Each activity in this book focuses on a popular children's book and gives teachers fun lessons that relate to the math concepts explored in the picture books. Subjects covered include problem solving, geometry, measurement, algebra, and probability. Your students will love doing math with these exciting activities! Grades 2-4

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Sir Cumference and the First Round Table
Sir Cumference and the First Round Table: A Math Adventure

The Greedy Triangle
The Greedy Triangle

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