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The Something Wonderful: A Christmas Story
By Karen Hill
Illustrator Susan Reagan
Publisher Crossway Books

The stable is abuzz with the news that something wonderful is about to happen. Donkey takes it upon himself to start organizing for when the something wonderful happens. He assigns tasks to the stable animals for a parade, a party with food and games, and special music. All the organizing leads to flared tempers until the lamb pipes in with his opinion that they need to watch and wait for the something special and try to get along. He tells the Donkey, "I don't think we have to make a fancy celebration... ...I think God will give us the Something Wonderful just because he loves us." And indeed He does one night when the baby Jesus is born in their stable.

The Something Wonderful: A Christmas Story is just the kind of picture book preschoolers enjoy most-one that reflects on how they see the world. Susan Reagan's illustrations are gently comical visually accentuating the idea that the animals are not bad sorts-just a little over eager to be creating an occasion that God has completely covered. The lesson the animals (and readers) learn is the same that Peter learned on the Mount of Transfiguration. We really can't help make God's plans for something wonderful better by building tabernacles or planning a parade. God's something wonderfuls are always perfect.

The Something Wonderful: A Christmas Story

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